About Us


Fashion is constantly changing and evolving. In order to foresee the upcoming trends, the AMFM Trend & Design team conducts extensive research of contemporary designs, innovative patterns and industry & market reports while investigating current cultural movements at large. We highlight the path from culture, fashion and trend to create customized trend reports.


As a Trend & Design service, AMFM has a team of in-house talented Fashion Designers that will deliver cutting edge designs that reflect current trends and infuse newness. Whether you need brand rehabilitation or just fresh new ideas to breathe life into your existing collections, we are here to help. We enable our clients to imagine and market innovative apparel lines with the certainty that they will be on top of market trends and fulfill their customer’s desires.

WASHES & DYES - Development & Innovations

The Fashion Designers and the Fabric Development team work in close collaboration to develop new ideas in washes and dyeing techniques to always be at the forefront of the trends. We are always enthusiastic to help our customers materialized their vision. All processes are conducted by the best dye houses in the Los Angeles area as well as in our own factory in Guatemala.


The environment is where we all meet. It is the one thing we all commonly share. One of AMFM’s core founding principles is built on environmental awareness and responsibility. We believe all sectors – especially businesses must put in that effort and lead the way to eco-friendly lifestyles and practices. We meticulously consider, reconsider, and ultimately choose materials to reduce waste, chemicals, and non-biodegradables that endanger the environment. We provide the option to using non-toxic, natural, certified organic, and recycled materials.


Our in-house Fabric Development team develops fabrics inspired by our Design team’s direction and the customer’s concept requests. The Fabric Development specialists implement research and development selecting from global sources of yarns. They also research the latest knitting methods and dyeing & finishing processes. Extensive materials R&D results in a showcase of new and innovative fabrics that come to life in fashion-forward styles for top brands.